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I'm fine, I'm back to wearing some attractive shoes, even sandals. I'm not ashamed of my feet and not wearing socks as much as I used to because they were very deformed. Because of hammer toes they actually looked like claws. People were noticing them and saying 'hey what's the matter with your feet?' Now they look pretty good, and I was very happy with Dr. Adler. They've been wonderful, they've been very professional and Dr. Adler is great."


The staff was just amazing here. I mean they gave me such good care. I'm still in the process of recovery but it's just been a really easy experience. I have had minimal pain with both feet. My doctors were available on call should I need them and they answered my questions. In addition, they have made the process easier for getting any supplies I may need. They even made sure I could get home safe after my appointment if I needed help. So they spoil me a bit."


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