About Adler Footcare

At Adler Footcare, New York we treat problems with the foot such as toenail fungus, bunions, hammertoe, ingrown toenails and other types of foot pain. If you suffer from foot pain we can help.


Many common foot problems (bunions, hammertoes, general pain etc.) are caused by unstable ankles.  HyProCure® is a revolutionary treatment that deals with the root cause so we can treat and resolve foot pain for our patients.


Minimally Invasive Surgery

When a foot and ankle surgeon at Adler Footcare uses the term "minimally invasive” they are referring to a type of surgery that is done with either a very small incision or no incision at all. Recovery times are faster and there is less pain.


Foot Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a way of looking into a joint and working on a joint surgically, without ever having to open up the joint. It is one more technique for minimally invasive surgery provided here at Adler Footcare.

Stem Cell Replacement Therapy

Adler Footcare New York is now offering a treatment called Stem Cell Replacement Therapy to treat foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, osteoarthritis, and soft tissue damage.

Meet Dr. Adler

Dr. Adler's Bio.

Meet Dr Tievsky

Dr. Tievsky's bio.

Dr. Alex Tievsky on Arthroscopy 

Dr. Alex Tievsky discusses the use of arthroscopy in foot and ankle surgery. It helps minimize incision areas and allows for faster recovery.

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are flexible, lightweight devices that help with correcting the way the foot bears weight. If the foot bears weight improperly, it can also cause problems with bones, tendons and soft tissues.

Dropped Metatarsal

If you have foot pain when you are walking on stairs or walking barefoot on hard floors, then you may have a dropped metatarsal.

F Scan

Adler Footcare uses the F-Scan foot pressure mapping system for treatment of plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis refers to foot and heel pain caused by an inflammation on the bottom of the foot.

Heel Pain

Do you experience excruciating heel pain as soon as you step out of bed in the morning? This may be caused by the plantar fascia ligament that acts as a support for the bottom of the foot.

Ingrown Toenails

In grown toenails have become an epidemic in American society. Many times they are caused by the improper fitting of footwear, such as women wearing high heeled shoes or individuals that do not have the right fitting athletic shoes but put a lot of strain on their feet.

Morton's Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is a nerve running through the long bones in the middle of the foot. It’s a common foot problem caused by over motion, or pronation of the foot.

Non-Invasive Vascular Testing

Non-invasive vascular testing allows a foot and ankle specialist at Adler Footcare to perform simple tests to rule out problems related to pain in the foot.

Treatment for Hammertoe

A hammertoe is a deformity of the second, third or fourth toe due to how the foot is bearing weight. A hammertoe is caused by contractions of the soft tissues and tendons at the bottom and top of the toes creating a curling toe resembling a hammer.


A wart on the foot is harmless, but often irritating or painful. Warts on the foot are caused by a viral infection that gets into the skin through small cuts or abrasions.