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Patient Testimonials

I ran up the subway stairs today….I couldn’t do that for a year and a half! It is really quite emotional for me.”


My daughter had HyProCure on both feet and we have been extremely pleased with all we've experienced here at Adler Footcare."

– Patient's Mother

My ankle just gave out way one day and I didn’t know what caused it. It healed so quickly….I expected to be on crutches and I never was. My ankles are now completely aligned…the office made me feel like I was at home."

– Roseanne

I had a long history of low arches and flat feet. They found a lot of things I didn’t know were wrong that could be fixed by HyProCure….it’s kind of like having new legs."

– Leonard

Immediately after my surgery Dr. Adler called me once if not twice a day to check-in for the first couple of days afterwards.”


Dr. Adler never pressures you to have surgery. He talks to you and lets you make that decision. He does all the necessary tests.”


My previous podiatrist who I'd been seeing for about 25 years had not been able to help my wife. We met Dr. Adler at a health fair and I was impressed by his more modern technology. I decided to see what he could do for my wife. We got wonderful results for my wife so I decided to switch over to him also. I had been wearing orthotics also for 25 years when I first came to see Dr. Adler and he gave me a much more thorough examination than I'd had before and the results have been great. I would highly recommend Dr. Adler, and as a matter of fact have recommended him to several other members of my family, and anyone else who needs a really good podiatrist."

– John S.

The staff was just amazing here. I mean they gave me such good care. I'm still in the process of recovery but it's just been a really easy experience. I have had minimal pain with both feet. My doctors were available on call should I need them and they answered my questions. In addition, they have made the process easier for getting any supplies I may need. They even made sure I could get home safe after my appointment if I needed help. So they spoil me a bit."

– Kimberly M.

I'm fine, I'm back to wearing some attractive shoes, even sandals. I'm not ashamed of my feet and not wearing socks as much as I used to because they were very deformed. Because of hammer toes they actually looked like claws. People were noticing them and saying 'hey what's the matter with your feet?' Now they look pretty good, and I was very happy with Dr. Adler. They've been wonderful, they've been very professional and Dr. Adler is great."

– Linda M.

Dr. Adler actually performed two surgeries for me, one in one foot and then three months later on the other foot, and thank god I did it. He has very great bedside manners, cause the day after the surgery he actually calls home to check, to make sure everything is going well. And from time to time he does call to make sure everything is great."

–Yanick S.

Everything is going great. I actually ran a half marathon in Staten Island and am happy to say it is all because of Dr. Adler! There is no way I would have made it through training if I hadn't had the surgeries last year. So thank you Adler Footcare."

– L.K.

Dr. Adler is at the top of his game, and is very serious and passionate about what he does. I feel like I am getting excellent care and his attention to excellence really drives everything they are doing at the practice. I always enjoy being there. They are extremely nice and friendly. It is a pleasure to partner with them in my health."

– Sheila B.

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